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alpha-Bisabolol natural

Main Uses anti-Allergy
CAS Number: 515-69-5
Molecular Formula: C15H26O
Molecular Weight: 222.37
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Synonyms: (+/-)-alpha-Bisabolol; alpha-Bisabolol natural
Production Standard: Enterprise Standard
Packing Size: 25kg /Drum, 1kg /Bags, 100g/bag

alpha-Bisabolol natural


Product information

Appearance and Properties:

Colourless to straw yellow viscous liquid, soluble in low alcohols (ethanol, isopropanol), fatty alcohols, glycerides and stone vinegar, almost insoluble in water and glycerol.

Usage and Dosage:

0.2~1%, in most cases 0.2~0.5% would be enough, this is optimum concentration. Effectiveness decreases beyond this concentration(0.2~1%).

Technical Specifications:

Description and Application:

The Bisabolol is a component found in chamomile flowers. The anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile flowers is mainly from bisabolol.

Alpha-Bisabolol has good stability and skin compatibility. It is very suitable for use in cosmetics. alpha-Bisabolol can not be discolored for a long time, and it will not cause any problems. alpha-Bisabolol not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but is also proven to have antibacterial activity. The use of this product may lead to increased penetration of other active ingredients in the cosmetic formulation, and the amount of use should be adjusted.

Alpha-bisabolol is mainly used in skin protection and skin care cosmetics. Alpha-bisabolol is used as an active ingredient to protect and care for allergic skin. It is suitable for use in sunscreen, whitening and other functions cosmetic, As well as bathing liquid after sunbathing, baby products and after-shave care products. In addition, alpha-bisabolol can also be used in oral hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

More Information:

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