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Fish Collagen Peptide

Main Uses Humectant
CAS Number: N/A
Molecular Formula: N/A
Molecular Weight: N/A
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Synonyms: Fish scale collagen peptide, Fish Collagen, Fish collagen peptide,; Fish Collagen from Deep-Sea Tilapia
Production Standard: Enterprise Standard
Packing Size: 25kg /Drum, 1kg /Bags, 100g/bag

Fish Collagen Peptide


Product information

Appearance and Properties:

White or off-white powder, soluble in water, colorless, almost tasteless, insoluble in oils and fats.

Usage and Dosage:

1 to 5%, Dissolve in a small amount of water at room temperature to form a uniformly dispersed solution. When colled below 60°C Add it to the formed cream and emulsion, but pay attention to antiseptic.

Technical Specifications:

Description and Application:

The fish collagenis derived from the non-polluted fish scales of deep-sea tilapia. The pure fish collagen peptide extracted by bio-enzyme directed shearing technique has an average molecular weight of about 2,500 Daltons. The enzymatically transformed fish collagen is easily absorbed by the body, and the digestion and absorption rate is over 95%. It has excellent affinity with human skin and can be used to make skin care products. It is directly absorbed by the skin through the stratum corneum and dermis layer, and it can exert its functions of penetration, moisturization and repair. Fish collagen(Fish collagen peptide) is an important nutrient source and is rich in amino acids, especially those that cannot be synthesized by the human body, such as hydroxyproline.

Features of Fish Collagen Peptide:
1 - Moisturizing: Fish collagen is rich in hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor. It combines with the protein on the surface of the skin to supplement the body's lost collagen and amino acids. It also conserves skin moisture and makes the skin have good hydrophilicity.
2 - Anti-wrinkle: Because the molecular structure of fish collagen and human skin collagen are very compatible, it can be completely absorbed by the skin and filled between the skin matrix layers, so that the skin is full, wrinkles stretch, and increase skin density. , produces tension and increases skin elasticity.
3 - Repair: Fish collagen has a unique repair function. Fish collagen has good affinity with surrounding tissues and has the function of repairing tissues.
4 - Give skin elasticity: Fish collagen can make skin soft, full and elastic, lubricate the stratum corneum, stimulate skin microcirculation, promote skin metabolism, make skin smooth, lustrous and reduce wrinkles.

More Information:

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